Hanky Panky UK - More Sustainable Every Day

Our Pact

Tread with care. Care with trust.

We took the path less travelled in 1977 when we placed care for people and planet at the heart of our business. Then, like now, we're striving to do better.

Comfort for bodies. Kindness for the earth.

It's not enough for us to create beautiful underwear, we want to keep the world beautiful too.We are working to minimize our impact through a careful choice of materials and packaging, focusing on waste reduction, and through building supply chains centred on minimizing harm.

Integrity guides us.

We believe in respect. And that guides our relationships with everyone who works for us, works with us or buys our products. Our values have never wavered and live through our employees.

We ensure the safety and fairness of working conditions by visiting our sewing contractors frequently and we have long-standing relationships with them.

What We're Doing

Waste reduction.

We partner with textile recyclers to recycle a portion of our fabric waste. Scrap fabric can be recycled into various products such as insulation, packaging, and even new fabrics. Additionally, our designs are created to efficiently maximize fabric usage and minimize waste.

Hanky Panky UK - More Sustainable Every Day

Our material certifications.

We use responsibly grownSupima® cotton fibres in our lingerie and sleepwear. These Southwest USA-grown cotton fibres are produced under the CottonLEADS℠ sustainability initiative and have a smaller environmental impact than many imported cottons. All our cotton knit fabrics are knitted, dyed and finished on the east coast, using low-impact, non-toxic fibre reactive dyes. Our Signature Lace is knitted, dyed, and finished in the USA with low impact dyes. Our heather jersey, Tencel™ and viscose rayon fabrics are created with responsibly managed renewable wood sources (FSC® and PEFC®). We offer fabrics that are made with Oeko-Tex® 100 Certified yarns that are free of harmful substances. We are committed to never using flocked fabrics, which are prone to shedding fibres. Nor do we use fur, feathers, wool, or leather in any of our designs.

Our packaging goals.

From our famous rolled thongs, conceived to reduce wasteful packaging materials, to joining prAna's Responsible Packaging Movement, we make decisions through an environmental lens. We have committed to a series of goals between now and 2030 to reduce our packaging footprint, including:

  • Using FSC certified renewable sources for gift boxes
  • Adopting fully sustainable pulp sources for hangtags
  • Transitioning to biodegradable hang tag attachments
  • Phasing out single use virgin plastic polybags and mailers
  • Phasing out metallic foil printing on product packaging

How You Can Help

Hand washing in cool water and hanging to dry not only saves water and energy, but also prolongs the life of delicate lingerie. Heat, strong agitation, and alkaline detergents break down the stretch fibres used in our Signature Laces, causing premature aging as well as increasing the risk of fibre pollution. We encourage our customers to treat their Hanky Panky treasures with care, so that they will last a long time.

To minimize fibre pollution to our waterways and marine life, we encourage you to purchase either a washing machine wastewaterfilter, or use a Guppy Friend® wash bag or a Cora Ball when laundering your synthetic fibre garments.

We encourage all our customers to Wear, Donate, Recycle all their clothing and textile goods.